Standards of Conduct & Disciplinary Actions

Tony’s NY Pizza does not believe it is necessary to list exhaustively every work rule or standard of conduct for our team members. All team members are expected to perform their jobs well, to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, and to treat others with honor, dignity and respect.  Additionally, all team members are expected to comply with any rules applicable to employment in our Restaurant (including, but not limited to, the rules set forth in this Handbook).

In some instances of rule violations, improper conduct or unsatisfactory job performance, progressive disciplinary action may be appropriate. Serious instances of rule violations, improper conduct or unsatisfactory job performance, as determined by the Manager may result in severe forms of disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination of employment, without  prior  progressive  disciplinary  action. The following are among the most common examples for severe disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal:

  • Clocking another team member in or out;
  • Clocking  in  or  out  for  a  team  member  who  did  not  work,  or  otherwise submitting to be paid for time not worked;
  • Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • Insubordination or disrespect to the Operator or team leaders;
  • Excessive unexcused tardiness or absence, or failure to notify the Operator or team leader of tardiness or absences in a timely manner;
  • Dishonesty or falsification of employment or other records or documents;
  • Use of inappropriate language or other inappropriate behavior directed toward other  employees,  customers  or  third  persons  including,  but  not  limited  to, profanity,  obscenity,  cursing,  or  other  foul  or  offensive  language  in  the Restaurant and/or loud or disruptive language, fighting, or conduct;
  • Failure to follow our procedures on cash and coupon accountability;
  • Cash theft which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Taking money from the  cash register (which may be revealed by a cash shortage);
    • Writing over rings for entries not made;
    • Failing to ring up a sale or a part of a sale;
    • Purposely giving too much change.
  • Food theft which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Giving  away  food  over  the  counter  without  receipt  of  the  appropriate payment and/or coupons in exchange;
    • Giving away food to team members who are not working that shift without receipt of the appropriate payment;
    • Intentionally over-portioning products;
    • Taking food home without payment after closing or finishing your shift;
    • Storing food for later pick-up without payment;
    • Sharing break food with an individual who is not a team member;
    • Signing for food or goods not delivered;
  • Eating during your shifts while not on an approved break;

  • Bringing outside food to prepare at the restaurant without consent by manager;


Where progressive discipline is appropriate, the  following types  of disciplinary action may be taken, in no particular order:

  • Verbal warning(s)
  • Written warning(s)
  • Suspension without pay
  • Termination

Disciplinary  actions  will  be  approached  on  a  case-by-case  basis,  taking  into  account  all  the relevant facts and factors of the situation.  Therefore, the Company retains the right to skip any of these steps of progressive discipline if circumstances necessitate. The Company also reserves the right to discipline an employee at any time for inappropriate conduct or behavior, whether or not such conduct is referenced or mentioned in this policy.

Nothing in this policy is a guarantee that any particular disciplinary steps will be followed in any given case, or at all, and this policy does not reflect any contractual agreement or right of any team member that any particular disciplinary steps will be followed in any given case. Employment at Tony’s NY Pizza at our Restaurant remains at-will.