Drinking & Smoking

Drinking and smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Restaurant, grounds, and/or in view of the customer, including outdoor areas such as entry points, landscaped areas, and dumpster pads. If you drink or smoke you may not wear any part of the Tony’s NY Pizza uniform. If this occurs you may be sent home and disciplined. Drinking while on duty can result in immediate termination of employment.

Property & Workplace Search

Tony’s NY Pizza at reserves the right to conduct workplace searches when necessary.

Team members should not have any expectation of privacy with respect to any aspect of the Restaurant premises including, but not limited to, any locker or other storage area that may be provided for the  use of the team member. Additionally, team members should not have any expectation of privacy with respect to any property brought onto or received at our Restaurant’s premises.

Examples of situations where searches might be conducted include for example, but are not limited to, situations in which management reasonably believes that a search may be necessary or helpful in preventing or identifying incidents of theft, or to prevent employees from bringing prohibited items (such as weapons or illegal drugs) to work.

Any personal items brought onto our property by a team member may be subject to search by management, security or law enforcement. Although certain situations may arise in which searches of team member property may not be made without the team member’s consent, failure to provide such consent may be considered cause for disciplinary action up to and including discharge.