Cash & Coupon Accountability

Many team members will function as a cashier on a regular, periodic or temporary basis, depending  on the needs of the Restaurant at any given time. The role of cashier is very important. Because you will be handling cash and coupons, it is very important that you understand what is expected of you in this aspect of your job.

Some  of  the  key rules  and  guidelines  that  apply  to  cashier  functions  in  our  Restaurant  are  as follows:

  1. At the beginning of your shift, you should verify the beginning cash total in your cash drawer and record the amount on the POS system. If you fail to count the drawer, it will be assumed that  you agree with the beginning total determined by the team or shift leader, or the Operator.
  2. You should not allow any other team member (including team leaders) to use your cash drawer.
  3. Should it be necessary to obtain change during your shift, contact a team or shift leader, or the Operator, to make change. Cashiers should not make change with other cashiers.
  4. When you finish your shift, you may only count your drawer in the presence of the Operator, Manager or Supervisor. If you decide not to count your drawer with the team leader, the team leader will count the drawer and it will be assumed that  you agree with the ending cash and coupon total determined by the team leader.
  5. It is against Restaurant policy to undercharge a customer, ring up an unauthorized discount or pass food across the counter without payment. Any such incident may result in serious disciplinary action, including but not limited to immediate termination of employment, as well as possible prosecution.
  6. Team members should never store or place cash or coupons in their pockets or otherwise on their persons.

You are responsible for the cash and coupons that you process during your shift.  It is necessary in our business that we take this Cash and Coupon Accountability Policy extremely seriously. Any action by a team member contrary to this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.  Negligent or purposeful losses may result in forfeiture of pay  to  the  extent  allowed  by  applicable  law.    Additionally,  you  should  understand  that  the Company may investigate all losses for possible prosecution.  All team members, as a condition of  employment,  are  required  to  cooperate  with  any  investigation  conducted  by  the  Operator, another  authorized  representative  of  Tony’s NY Pizza,  or  any  authorized  law enforcement agency.


When an employee resigns from employment, it may be considered customary to provide at least two weeks advance notice of resignation where practicable. Some employees may give a longer notice in  order to allow  their  employer to plan accordingly before the resigning employee departs. If you choose to resign from your employment at our Restaurant, we would appreciate your providing us with as much advance notice as is practicable for you under the circumstances

Termination of Employment

Consistent  with  our  at-will  employment  policy, Tony’s NY Pizza reserves the right to terminate any team member’s employment on an at-will basis at any time with or without notice or cause, for any reason not prohibited by law. In the event of termination, team members will be provided with their final paycheck in accordance with applicable law. Upon termination of employment (whether by voluntary resignation or involuntary discharge or otherwise), team members are expected to immediately  return  any  and  all  Company  property  in  the  team member’s possession, custody or control.