Pre-Shift Checklist

Please note that you are responsible for the reporting of this list and its accuracy.

If you indicate "No" please mention why in the Notes section of the list.

All tables are clean and wiped down *
Front of house floors have been swept, even under the tables *
Interior and Exterior of Windows are clean *
Monitors are on and functioning *
Lunch/Dinner Specials are displayed *
Lunch specials are not displayed on Friday
Menus are properly organized at entry table, dine in, and carry out *
Table Bins are appropriately stocked *
Dine in Condiment area is cleaned and restocked *
Carry out condiment area is cleaned and re-stocked
Bottled Drinks have been restocked *
Ice has been placed in soda machine *
Tea brewed and placed on counter *
Beer and NesCafe tray is clean and placed on counter *
Soft Drink cups restocked at each register *
Rugs are properly and evenly placed at front entrance and by soda machine *
Bathroom paper towels and toilet paper stocked *
Bathroom soap is stocked *
Bathroom are overall clean and orderly *
Outside tables are clean and organized *
There are sufficient clean plates and silverware *
Slice pizzas and hot oven specialities are all cooked and displayed *
Tags for slices and specialties are properly displayed *
Carry Out sauce placed above oven *
Registers have sufficient change *
Ordering Tablets are on and functioning *
Describe any notes of irregular incidents or explanation why any of the above items are not checked.