Post-Shift Checklist

Please note that you are responsible for the reporting of this list and its accuracy.

If you indicate "No" please explain why in the notes section below.

Front of house floors are clean *
Portable phones are on chargers *
All drawers have been closed out to $150 currency total *
Money has been placed in designated area *
All employees are clocked out *
All driver receipts have been collected and tips reported (please staple tips together at end) *
Print out Personal checkout and master checkout and place with money *
(If on night shift) Time clean up duties initiated by staff
(If on night shift) Time clean up duties initiated by staff
(If on night shift) All pizza tags are placed in tray
(If on night shift) Outside tables are cleared and organized
(If on night shift) All extra pizza thrown out
(If on night shift) Nescafe and beer tray are removed
(If on night shift) Rugs have been removed from entrance and soda machine
(If on night shift) Pizza equipment is placed in back
(If on night shift) Office door is locked
(If on night shift) TVs are turned off
(If on night shift) Air conditioner set to "off"
(If on night shift) Tip Jars placed under counter
Did all scheduled staff report on time? When did kitchen staff leave?
Describe any notes of irregular incidents or explanation why any of the above items are not checked.